9. Oct, 2017

Two Greatest Badminton Players in History

The Rivalry Between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan....
Well the answer can simply be explained using a quote "Skill wins matches, Attitude wins heart".

Lin Dan and Lee Chong wei are both the best players badminton world has ever seen their rivalry is a well known fact but when the question arises who is better in the two you cannot really answer. At london olympics (olympics is a tournament all the contenders play very seriously) LCW won one set Lin Dan won the next set and in the final set the score was 21-19 when lin dan won. So you cannot say for sure that Lin Dan is better. It is just about the few factors. Then Lee chong Wei is known to be a gentleman outside and inside the court as well. He is always very calm unlike lin dan who is known to be the bad boy of badminton.
Lee chong wei is a national hero of his country and does a lot of charity.
Overall if you are into badminton there is no way you cannot admire him.